Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All throughout the Middle East, Europe and even in countries in North America, honor killings occur. Honor Killings are in the simplest terms, violence against mainly women, but not limited to for reason such as having sexual demeanor, being accused of commiting adulterly, becoming "too westernized",  as well as gay accusations. All of these names actions are things that bring dishonor to a family name and the only way to restore the honor is usually death, or near it.
This is a picture of Amina and Sarah Said. They were born and raised in Lewisville, Texas. At the time this photo was taken they were aged 13 and 14 respectively.  When they were 8 and 9  they accused their father of sexual abuse but shortly after they told a judge they were lieing because they did not want to have to move to a convington school. Three years later these muslim sister were brutally murdered by their father because he had found out they were dating boys who were not muslim but kalifi. Yaser Said, the girls father was once the most wanted man in America by the legal authorities. And there is still currently a $10,000 reward for his capture. On January , 2008 this man shot his two daughters multiple times in his own company cab car and then left the cab in a hotel parking lot.

 Sadly, Amina and Sarah's story is in no way unique or rare. Incidents that mirror this one occur all over the world on a regular basis. In countries such as but not limited to pakistan, israel, iraq and islam honor killings are actually looked highly upon. These brutalities are seen as necessary actions taken to restore honor lost to a families name when they commit promiscuous crimes, or are accused of commiting crimes because all in all both are equally as dishonorable. Once a person is accused, they do not have any rights. Infact an accused citizen must actually prove their innocent rather than have their guiltyness proved.

I think it is an important thing for people to realize that honour killings are not a foreign act of injustice that does not affect us here on the North American continent. Honor killings occur all around the country although they are usually done in private because they are not societly acceptable in American culture but whether these tortues happen behind closed doors on in the open they are unacceptable and should be taking a stand against.

Honor killing in Arizona
- this is a short clip of a news report of an incident which occured in 2009. This is the story of Noor Al-Maleki who was run over and killed by her father at the age of 23, along with her boyfriend. The reason for the murder? Noor refused an arranged marriage because she was already inlove with another man who her father did not approve. So as her punishment, she lost her life.

Both men and women are both equally at risk of becoming victims of honor killings. Being involved in homosexual acts or just being suspected of being gay is just another form of dishonor that will result in death, stoning, whipping or some other form of obscure public torture.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that perhaps as many as 5,000 women and girls a year are killed by members of their own families. Many women's groups in the Middle East and Southwest Asia suspect the victims are at least four times more.